Sunday, 21 April 2013

3D Models Preview part 4

Hi guys, how's Easter break?

We are back here after a long break from updating this work thread.
Have been continue work on our project and meetings recently.

we will continue show case more of our 3D elements that will appear in our VFX short film in this post.

Hope you guys will like it and enjoy.

Modeling and Texturing : Hee Chung, Thin.

Modeled by Yew Herng, Liew.
More books that we used to decorate and frame our short film nicely.

Heavy Metalic Locker
Modeled based on a real life reference.

Clockwork tools
Modeled based on a real life reference as well. 
Redesigned Table Lamp
We decided to redesign the table lamp again to replace the one we did before also the one we have in our short film initially. Aim to give it a little bit more vintage feeling on this one. 
Concept by Hee Chung, Thin.

Clockwork Spectacle
Father's spectacle with some little mechanism on it which able to rotate the first layer and second layer of glasses for different focus length.
Prototype C
Prototype C as a failure work.

Prototype H
Prototype H as a failure work.

Father's Heart
Father's Heart which is still working.

Heart Chamber
 Heart Chamber inside father's and son's body. 


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