Sunday, 3 March 2013

More Designs on Vitality

As promise in the previous post, we will showcase more our concept arts 
and some of the research we did in this update. 

Also these images were in the layout we designed for our booklet.

Take you time to look at them, and hope you guys will like our concept works.


Final Design for Father Character.

Final Design for Son Character.
Unfortunately, we have decide to have our son character to be older in the short film.

 Environment Design for team as a layout reference.

 Props and furniture studies. 
Our team have did a field study down to the town center and visited few clock shop for information.

Photo references from internet. Also during our field trip to sherlock holmes museum and dennis severs house. 

Photo references from Hugo and colour mood studies.


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DO NOT use the images without our permission for any purposes.
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