Sunday, 10 March 2013

3D Models Preview part 1

Hi guys,
we are back again.

This time, we will showcase our 3D models for our VFX projects.

For speed up our production, all of our group mates have been working on these models
Then we will do the quality check with each other also our executive producer and lecturers.

Hope you guys will like them.

Modeling & texturing : Hee Chung, Thin.
Model are done based on real life photo references.

 Hanger which later on we decide to have it as a backdrop decoration.

Photo Frame

Photo Frames choices. There will be more.

Note Book
Father's notebook which have the designs of clockwork mechanisms in it.

Screw Driver
 Screw driver tools.

Small Tool Box
Small Tool Box that father used to keep all the small gears in it.

 Small size hammer that used by father when working on the clockwork hearts.

Stay tune as there're more coming up within the next few post on our models.

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