Monday, 11 February 2013

All About Vitality

Our short film titled 


it's all about the story between a father and son.

Synopsis : 

A man (human looking automaton) is trying to invent aclockwork prototype. There are
many similar prototypes scattered on the table and floor. The man seems tired but tries hard to focus in working on the clockwork prototype. After many failures, he finally succeeded in his last attempt.
He then brings the prototype to a room. He opens a chest cavity and inserts the clockwork prototype.
The prototype is a clockwork heart. It starts to work with other components in the body of a boy. The
boy wakes up and turns to the man, calling him "Papa". After several minutes, the clockwork heart stops working. The boy stops moving. The man feels greatly despaired. He decides to take his clockwork heart out from his body and replaces his son's heart.


Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Family 
Setting : 1930's / 1940's, Evening 5-6 pm, in the house.
Main Character : Father and son.
Want : To save his son
Opposition : Failure in inventing the heart
Catalyst : Old Prototype seems working
Climax : Inserting the prototype into his son's chest.
Resolution : He replaces his son's heart with his heart.
Audience's feeling: Love, Touched


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